Latino Filmmakers Bypass Studio System to Make Culturally Accurate Hollywood-Style Film

The youngsters once brought into the country during the Latino immigration spree of the 2000s are now all grown up, fluid in both cultures, and ready to have their voices heard. 

Most of these first-generation Americans have adjusted seamlessly into all aspects of the labor force, and many are actively making a positive impact in our communities on a daily basis . . . yet it’s still a rare perk to stumble upon inspiring cinematic stories that depict a truthful perspective of what it’s really like to be a person of multiple cultural backgrounds living in the US today. 

The life of the American Latino is a story Hollywood has not yet captured correctly, not for lack of talent or innovative voices, but because of the intrinsically rigged studio system favoring the development of the same old narratives where white actors invariably land the lead roles. 

But why isn’t the mass media catering to Latinos in the way they want to be portrayed? And why is nobody exploiting this market? It comes down to a lack of opportunities for artists who can lend their first-hand life experiences to create these kinds of narratives.

But the wait is over! 

Empowered by a generation of under-represented media consumers and crowdfunding, Scratch & Sniff Pictures will release their upcoming film Blast Beat during the summer of 2015 – AN AMERICAN LATINO ADVENTURE About Carly, a 17 year-old Colombian metalhead who must stop his younger brother from executing a crazy plan that jeopardizes the future of their undocumented family.  It promises to be the real deal told in a new Hollywood style! 

Scratch & Sniff Pictures is an emerging team of bilingual, bicultural, and open-minded storytellers from the best American film schools whose goal is to fulfill the high demand for this type of content. Sound cool?

 Be sure to check out and support their film here:

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Ends on May 1st, 2015.