Castrillon was spawned in Bucaramanga, Colombia, during the unfolding heat of early May. When he was twelve, his family immigrated to Florida displaced by a messy civil war. He got his B.A. in English Literature at FIU where deconstruction became his jam.

After college he went off to study Mandarin in China and Italian and risotto-making in Italy.

Castrillon has completed his M.F.A. in Writing for the Screen and Television at the revered USC film school and interned at Ad Hominem Enterprises. He has written and directed several short films and published Basic Sleight of Hand, a collection of short stories. He has written three feature screenplays.

The man puts acrylic hues to canvases and picks to acoustic guitar strings. He composes songs, he loves the environment, he follows “I Fucking Love Science.” If it’s chilly out . . . well he might wear a scarf. He values ideas and insightful conversations. Recently he was invited to participate as a 2014-2015 Project Involve Screenwriting Fellow!